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Stainless steel ground rod clamps provide a means of connecting ground wire to a ground rod/electrode connector. The set screw provided with the ground rod clamp helps tighten the connection for better conduction.

-Body: CF8M (316 SS)
-Bolt: 316 SS
Compliances: UL Listed for Canada and US (Standard 467)
UL File Number KDER.E340519
Canada UL File Number KDER7.340519

Body 100% made in USA; bolt may or may not be of U.S. origin.
Ground Rod Clamp_Application
Unit of Measure

Part Number

Rod Size


GRC625 N/A 5/8 in. N/A CF8M/316 SS
GRC75 N/A 3/4 in. N/A CF8M/316 SS
GRC100 N/A 1 in. N/A CF8M/316 SS
Unit of Measure