• Right-Angle-Clamp

    Stainless steel right angle clamps are designed to fit rigid conduit/pipe as well as PVC coated conduit to firmly fix pipe to the flange of a structural member at a 90ยบ angle without drilling holes.

    -Saddle: CF8M (316 SS)
    -U-bolt: 316 SS
    -Hex Nuts: 316 SS

    Saddle of right angle 100% made in USA; hex nuts and raw material for u-bolt may or may not be of U.S. origin.

  • Parallel-Clamp

    Stainless steel parallel clamps are designed for use with rigid or PVC-coated conduit to run pipe or conduit parallel to the flange of I-beams or channel simply and easily without drilling holes.

    -Body: CF8M (316 SS)
    -Hex Nut, Bolt: 316 SS

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