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Conduit provides a means of protection for wiring and cable in electrical systems. Gibson Stainless offers rigid (heavywall, Schedule 40) conduit in Type 316 SS and Type 304 SS. Conduit is threaded on both ends with NPT threads. Each 10' length of conduit is supplied with one coupling and a color coded thread protector for the opposite end.

Conduit is stocked in 10' lengths; however, custom lengths can be made available upon request.

Material: 316SS and 304SS
Standards: ASTM A12
Compliances: UL Listed for Canada and US (Standard 6A)
UL File Number DYWV.E300683
Canada UL File Number DYWV7.E300683

100% Made in USA

Unit of Measure

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CND50-304SS N/A 1/2 in. N/A 304 SS
CND75-304SS N/A 3/4 in. N/A 304 SS
CND100-304SS N/A 1 in. N/A 304 SS
CND125-304SS N/A 1-1/4 in. N/A 304 SS
CND150-304SS N/A 1-1/2 in. N/A 304 SS
CND200-304SS N/A 2 in. N/A 304 SS
CND250-304SS N/A 2-1/2 in. N/A 304 SS
CND300-304SS N/A 3 in. N/A 304 SS
CND400-304SS N/A 4 in. N/A 304 SS
CND50 N/A 1/2 in. N/A 316 SS
CND75 N/A 3/4 in. N/A 316 SS
CND100 N/A 1 in. N/A 316 SS
CND125 N/A 1-1/4 in. N/A 316 SS
CND150 N/A 1-1/2 in. N/A 316 SS
CND200 N/A 2 in. N/A 316 SS
CND250 N/A 2-1/2 in. N/A 316 SS
CND300 N/A 3 in. N/A 316 SS
CND400 N/A 4 in. N/A 316 SS
Unit of Measure